Wizards All Star Players

John Wall

All-time Washington Wizards star players

The Washington Wizards are one of the teams in the NBA that have produced some of the most adored star players of basketball in the United States. Fans are driven crazy not only by the cheap Washington Wizards tickets but also by the greatest stars who are playing for the Wizards.

Some of the all-time star basketball players who have played for the Wizards are as follows:

Michael Jordan
The mighty Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards for two years before retiring from the sport. He achieved a long scoring average of 22.0 during the time he played for the Wizards and had a massive influence on the team. In 2003, Jordan was the only Washington Wizards player to play in all 82 games; he averaged 20.0 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Jordan, who is among the most adored and celebrated NBA players (he is a six-time NBA champion and a five-time NBA Most Valuable Player), retired after spending two seasons with the Wizards.

Tom Gugliotta
Popularly known as Googs, 1997 NBA All-Star Tom Gugliotta played for the Washington Wizards for two years. He averaged nine rebounds per game with 17.1 points and was a crucial pillar in every game he played for the Washington-based club.

Rex Chapman
This great scorer played for the Wizards for three years, averaging 18 points per game. During the 1993 to 1994 NBA season, he was a force to be reckoned with in the Wizards squad.

Calbert Cheaney
The best scoring average of Calbert Cheaney was 16.6 points per game during his time in Washington. He made a remarkable contribution to the team after starting a total of 79 games and attaining a scoring average of 10 points in each game.

Brendan Haywood
NBA champion Brendan Haywood spent seven years in Washington while playing for the Wizards as a center. He is remembered for his strong defensive skills. He is regarded as the best center to have ever played for the Washington Wizards, having made a remarkable impact on the team’s success.

Moses Malone
After being injured in the 1985–1986 season, Moses Malone bounced back with the team (then called the Washington Bullets) and reclaimed a spot in the All-NBA Second Team. He helped the team get to the 1988 NBA Playoffs. Malone is a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a 12-time NBA All-Star.

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