Who Do The Knicks Play

Upcoming Knicks Schedule

New York Knickerbockers, popularly known as the New York Knicks is one of the oldest teams in the history of NBA and the very first organized baseball team that played under the rules which are similar to those which we know today. The team was brought up by Nerd Irish in 1946 who is also one of the founding members of NBA. The team is located at Madison Square garden at Manhattan New York. They currently use the plain blue and plain white jerseys for their away and home matches respectively.

The New York Knicks are well known for their success over the years and it is very popular team among basketball fans and lovers. Their track record shows that they have made it no numerous play offs and finals in the NBA league. Though they have won a division title recently after waiting for 19 years under their head coach Mike Woodson, they were voted the most valuable team in the NBA season 2013-2014.

On Friday 11th at 7:00pm we are going to witness the Knicks taking on Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Center Toronto. Later on the following week, they will be playing Chicago Bulls at the Madison square garden, their home ground. These two teams will be a bit tricky for the Knicks considering their encounters in 2013-2014 seasons when the Knicks have witnessed a series of losses against these two teams in their past meetings, except one win against Chicago Bulls in September 2013.

To finalize the schedule for the Knicks, there will be a cracker of a match against the Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. Previous meetings against these two sides have proven that this will not be a one sided affair. This season, the Knicks have won two of their three encounters with Brooklyn Nets and they are playing really good recently. I am sure they will be out to grind out a win out of this match because it is one of their easiest in their April schedule, and most probably they will. Make sure to grab cheap New York Knicks tickets from local stores to catch live thrilling basketball matches. This is the opportunity which can’t be missed. We hope so that New York Knickbockers will be as good as they were during their early years when they were the greatest playoff contenders. Support them and help them to gain their former dominance and reputation.