Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall In the NBA

By this time, the current NBA season is rolling in full swing literally stirring the addictive sports environment in the air. Teams like the Sixers that had an explosive start to the season, are lying at the bottom of the table and those that had a poor start are starting to pop like the Nets have become a formidable force to watch. What you may find more intriguing to watch, however, is the Pacers that not so long ago had the best record in the NBA and now they seem to be wavering in terms of performance.

There is a formidable chance that the 2013 showdown between the Heat and the Spurs could play out again given the consistency of the Spurs, also the Miami Heat with King James look ready for a “threepeat”. This is one of those games that getting NBA basketball tickets will be pretty tough. Under the guidance of a rookie coach and some veteran players, it is worth waiting to see how the Nets are likely to do. However, given the fire of Garnet and Pierce, the resilience of the younger chaps in the team like Joe Johnson and Guard Derron Williams, it is worth waiting to see how coach Jason Kidd will fair in his first playoffs. The more speculation done on the game and the players, higher becomes the excitement to watch the game live in action.

A personal favorite are the Clippers. They have been the most consistent team from the beginning to the end. The versatility and athleticism of their squad and the experience of Rivers could carry this team over any mountain. Its long since making a call as to which two teams will likely make it to the final 8 becomes this tough, but from the west the Thunder, Spurs Clippers and Warriors, could easily make it through.

From the west, it is hard to make a call below the top 2 but given the last bad streak of the pacers, it is safe to say that they may not be a strong contender and instead the Miami Heat, The Nets and hopefully the Raptors and the Wizard could make it to the last 8. However, keep in mind that this is basketball game is amazing and unexpected things happen and you can catch all of it by buying your NBA basketball tickets and witness how the teams perform after vigorous practises and some new coaches adding up in the tournament.