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Boston Bruins April Schedule

The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team that is located in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. They represent the Eastern Conference in the NHL and they come from the Atlantic division. The team traces its roots back in 1928 when it was formed. It is the oldest professional ice hockey team in United States of America, and it is the third oldest hockey team overall. Having played most of their home games at the Boston grounds for 67 seasons, the team boasts as one of the most successful teams in NHL history. They have won six Stanley Cup championships and are ranked second overall after the Detroit Red Wings who have won an all-time high of 11 championships. The Boston Bruins later moved their home games to TD stadium.

The month of April in the National Hockey League has proved to be quite disappointing for the Boston Bruins so far. To date, they have won only one match out of the four that they have played. This also poses a great challenge to the team, since they will face equally strong (or even stronger) opponents in their upcoming games. Considering they suffered a 4-3 loss in their previous game where they visited the Minnesota Wild, they will be out to grind out a win against the Jets at the Jets home ground. The Jets have not proven to be a tussle for the Boston Bruins this season.

April will definitely continue to be interesting in the NHL, as the Boston Bruins will be home against the Buffalo Sabres next weekend. In the Bruins’ previous matchups this month, they have not been favored to win. But their matchup against the Sabres should be different. The Bruins are likely to win this encounter because they will be at home, and because the Sabres have not proven to be a particularly good team so far this year. Discount Boston Bruins tickets will be provided for the fans to cheer their home team to victory.

For their encounter against the New Jersey Devils the following day, the Bruins are a slight favorite, but the game could go either way. Since the Bruins will be playing on the Devils’ home turf, they will have to fight hard to win. Despite a disappointing month so far, the Bruins are a great team in the NHL. If they stay focused, they should be able to win at least 4 of their upcoming 7 matches.