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Punjabification of Bollywood is not an alternate example that is clear just in the latest Bollywood movies. The energetic and celebratory Punjabi society has constantly been a misrepresented theme in Bollywood. As anybody may expect, an expansive bit of the fun songs from latest hindi songs and top progressive EDM dance songs that set your feet tapping have diverse Punjabi beats and verses that set them differentiated from whatever is left of the Bollywood music. The Punjabi move numbers are frequently superhits and play in pubs and discos the country over months former and after that a while later the landing of the film.

Different latest Bollywood movies like Love Aaj Kal, Singh is Kinng and Jab We Met were in a Punjabi setting and each one of them were giant business triumphs. Gigantic Punjabi joint families have been among the hot most cherished foundations of Hindi movie stories picked by administrators for truly quite a while. The Punjabi subject and funk is famous to the point that numerous occassions the official does not regardless feel the need of having a Punjabi character in the film. Essentially a few Punjabi tunes with Bhangra beats sprinkled over the film accommodates it extraordinary mileage and these songs relentlessly become chartbusters.

Yes, our month long enterprise to find the most nostalgic track ever made in Bollywood has landed at an end. The outing was as fortifying one considering as various people reacted earnestly to the study; You have got no idea, even Shahid detailed about our review on twitter!! Furthermore, the protests were immaterial over the decision of the tunes. We have started the review with 20 songs and later we added 5 more tunes to the summary. Bollywood has been known for opinion; right from extraordinarily start, as if Indians could never live without assessment in their lives. From very differentiating to front line period we have seen various skilled entertainers, officials and on-screen characters bring the substance of opinion in a 5 minutes long tune. Here and there it was about eagerness, on occasion about the faultlessness of feeling, every so often about dreams and some distinctive times about quality.
The Punjabi points and social landscapes can moreover be seen in novel worldwide movies like Monsoon Wedding and Bend it Like Beckham. The Punjabi subject has across the board demand and the merriment and racket of society makes for unprecedented film seeing learning, ostentatious style.

The fun segment of this general public advances gatherings of spectators all over India. To be completely frank, it in India, and the Bhangra beats and music are conspicuous all over the place all through the world. Despite which a bit of the world you stay or are from, when the Bhangra beats play, you are sure to stayed up and shake a leg. Punjabi and Hindi songs download should always be done from highly reliable sites. What sets apart from most other sources of Indian music is that this site has a very long list of songs, enabling visitors to find almost anything they are looking for. In addition, there is very little chance of downloading a virus by accident. Most people who visit this site find no reason to look for another one since it takes care of their musical needs. Another important fact is that users don’t have to worry about being on the wrong side of the law since this site only features songs that are in the public domain. The people behind the site believe very strongly in not encouraging piracy of music.

Phantom Has Won Seven Tony’s

For I Behold the Music of the Night

The Phantom of the Opera is a show that is very popular from the time that it has been aired. It is one of the longest running shows on local as well as international television channels. It has won seven Tony Awards in 1988. One of the awards that this show won is the Best Musical, which makes the show even more credible.

It was set at the Paris Opera House which is scary and romantic at the same time providing a great blend, just what the show needed. The signature song is Music of the Night and this beautifully sets the mood with the overall ambiance, story and acting. You may be carried away and start humming this wonderful tune without realizing since it is really mesmerizing and catchy. As they celebrate 25 years, you should buy cheap Phantom of the Opera tickets so that you do not miss it out for anything and can relive the classical hit.

This play is based on the horror novel written by Gaston Leroux. It is a novel that was written by a French writer. It talks about a young girl Christine Daae who travels with her father to Europe. Christine’s mother died when she was six years old, her father told her a lot of stories which form her imagination and personality. She meets Raoul and they become good friends on the trip. The story continues and they are told stories by her father that somehow connect and build up on their lives.

Christine is a soprano star in the making. She later meets with her handsome suitor from her past. The phantom becomes mad and terrorizes the opera house. Christine still keeps hope alive of meeting her mystery man. However, it is not appropriate for children to watch the classical. This is because of the phantom that may frighten them. They may also find it a cool show depending on what your kids like and dislike.

If you want to get a taste of romance and a bit of scary goosebumps, then you should get your cheap phantom of the opera tickets. You will get to see this long running show and will definitely not be put off with the performances. You will be amazed at how beautifully the director makes it look. Go ahead and secure your ticket to get the best of this show that is being replayed due to its immense popularity.

NY Giants


New York Giants

The New York Giants—also known as the Jints, the G-Men, the Big Blue Wrecking Clue, or simply, the Big Blue—are based in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The team is the only one remaining from a group of teams established in 1925 and is the longest established team in the National Football League (NFL) in northeastern United States. The New York Giants currently ranks third in all NFL franchises and has eight NFL titles, winning four of them in the pre-Super Bowl era and four after the establishment of the Super Bowl. The latest of these wins was in Super Bowl XLVI in 2011. The New York Giants has 19 championship appearances—more than any other team—and their championship tally is surpassed only by the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers. The Giants’ intense rivalry with the Philadelphia Eagles has been called the best rivalry in the NFL in the 21st century. In the 2013 season, the New York Giants had an overall score of 7-9, versus the 10-6 of the Philadelphia Eagles and the 8-8 of the Dallas Cowboys.

The team got a major upgrade during the off-season spending spree that they went on boosting their linebacker, cornerbacker, running back, and offensive line, which did need an upgrade, even by John Mara’s admission (Mara is a co-owner of the Giants). The New York Giants went young, getting Super Bowl champion Kellen Davis for the tight end position to join Daniel Fells, who is a veteran in the position, as well as Larry Donnell, a second-year pro, and Adrien Robinson. Most of the new signings average at 27 years, with the exception of Josh Brown, who is the kicker. This means that cheap New York Giants tickets would be a windfall to go watch the new players in action.

Although after Mara’s comments it was expected that the team would splurge on the offense side, they did not overdo it, making only two big offensive acquisitions in Geoff Schwartz as guard and Rashad Jennings as running back. National Football Conference and American Football Conference champion Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie got the biggest deal with a $35 million five-year contract in the hope that he will maintain his form in the coming season. The overhaul is meant to breathe new life into the Jints, and scoring some cheap New York Giants tickets will let you be the judge of how good the new signings are for the team.

Wizards All Star Players

John Wall

All-time Washington Wizards star players

The Washington Wizards are one of the teams in the NBA that have produced some of the most adored star players of basketball in the United States. Fans are driven crazy not only by the cheap Washington Wizards tickets but also by the greatest stars who are playing for the Wizards.

Some of the all-time star basketball players who have played for the Wizards are as follows:

Michael Jordan
The mighty Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards for two years before retiring from the sport. He achieved a long scoring average of 22.0 during the time he played for the Wizards and had a massive influence on the team. In 2003, Jordan was the only Washington Wizards player to play in all 82 games; he averaged 20.0 points, 6.1 rebounds, 3.8 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Jordan, who is among the most adored and celebrated NBA players (he is a six-time NBA champion and a five-time NBA Most Valuable Player), retired after spending two seasons with the Wizards.

Tom Gugliotta
Popularly known as Googs, 1997 NBA All-Star Tom Gugliotta played for the Washington Wizards for two years. He averaged nine rebounds per game with 17.1 points and was a crucial pillar in every game he played for the Washington-based club.

Rex Chapman
This great scorer played for the Wizards for three years, averaging 18 points per game. During the 1993 to 1994 NBA season, he was a force to be reckoned with in the Wizards squad.

Calbert Cheaney
The best scoring average of Calbert Cheaney was 16.6 points per game during his time in Washington. He made a remarkable contribution to the team after starting a total of 79 games and attaining a scoring average of 10 points in each game.

Brendan Haywood
NBA champion Brendan Haywood spent seven years in Washington while playing for the Wizards as a center. He is remembered for his strong defensive skills. He is regarded as the best center to have ever played for the Washington Wizards, having made a remarkable impact on the team’s success.

Moses Malone
After being injured in the 1985–1986 season, Moses Malone bounced back with the team (then called the Washington Bullets) and reclaimed a spot in the All-NBA Second Team. He helped the team get to the 1988 NBA Playoffs. Malone is a three-time NBA Most Valuable Player and a 12-time NBA All-Star.

Cheap Washington Wizards tickets give basketball lovers and fans in Washington an opportunity to get a glimpse of these basketball stars while they do what they do best on the court.



Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall In the NBA

By this time, the current NBA season is rolling in full swing literally stirring the addictive sports environment in the air. Teams like the Sixers that had an explosive start to the season, are lying at the bottom of the table and those that had a poor start are starting to pop like the Nets have become a formidable force to watch. What you may find more intriguing to watch, however, is the Pacers that not so long ago had the best record in the NBA and now they seem to be wavering in terms of performance.

There is a formidable chance that the 2013 showdown between the Heat and the Spurs could play out again given the consistency of the Spurs, also the Miami Heat with King James look ready for a “threepeat”. This is one of those games that getting NBA basketball tickets will be pretty tough. Under the guidance of a rookie coach and some veteran players, it is worth waiting to see how the Nets are likely to do. However, given the fire of Garnet and Pierce, the resilience of the younger chaps in the team like Joe Johnson and Guard Derron Williams, it is worth waiting to see how coach Jason Kidd will fair in his first playoffs. The more speculation done on the game and the players, higher becomes the excitement to watch the game live in action.

A personal favorite are the Clippers. They have been the most consistent team from the beginning to the end. The versatility and athleticism of their squad and the experience of Rivers could carry this team over any mountain. Its long since making a call as to which two teams will likely make it to the final 8 becomes this tough, but from the west the Thunder, Spurs Clippers and Warriors, could easily make it through.

From the west, it is hard to make a call below the top 2 but given the last bad streak of the pacers, it is safe to say that they may not be a strong contender and instead the Miami Heat, The Nets and hopefully the Raptors and the Wizard could make it to the last 8. However, keep in mind that this is basketball game is amazing and unexpected things happen and you can catch all of it by buying your NBA basketball tickets and witness how the teams perform after vigorous practises and some new coaches adding up in the tournament.

Players to Reckon with in Chicago

Star players in Chicago Blackhawks

Star players in Chicago Blackhawks
The Chicago Blackhawks is a famous ice hockey team from Chicago, Illinois. The team is professionally recognized by the National Hockey League. Ice hockey is a very engaging game. Determining the star players in the Chicago team is quite a task. The performance of the players is looked at from a certain perspective. Every season puts the abilities of a player to the test, and it is through this “test” that players are ranked.

Jonathan Toews
Canadian Jonathan Toews is 23 years old, but he has already so much to show in his career. Toews is the youngest captain to lead the Chicago Blackhawks to winning the Stanley Cup and the youngest person to gain entry into the Triple Gold Club. That is one ambitious player who is a force to be reckoned with.

Troy Murray
Canadian Troy Murray (b. 1962) played as a defenseman, in which position he proved his skills. During the 1985–1986 season, he was awarded as the best defensive forward. Troy also holds the record of 29 game winner scores in a professional career and was the 1996 Stanley Cup champion with the Blackhawks.

Duncan Keith
Canadian Duncan Keith (b. 1983) is ranked 12th in the team, having earned 167 points. During the 2009–2010 season, he was awarded the famous James Norris Memorial Trophy, the fourth defenseman to receive this award in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks. He is also a two-time Stanley Cup champion (with the Blackhawks). He still plays for the team, and who knows just how much he will have progressed by the time his career comes to an end.

Steve Larmer
Canadian Steve Larmer (b. 1961), winner of the 1983 Calder Memorial Trophy, is ranked fourth in terms of the total number of points gained in a professional career. Larmer ranks first when it comes to the team’s game winning goals—a total of 49.

Glenn Hall
In the Chicago Blackhawks’ scoring history, Canadian Glen Hall (b. 1931) holds a unique place for creating the butterfly style. He also holds an amazing record of 520 completed games. He led his team to clinch the Stanley Cup in 1961.

Pierre Pilote
Canadian Pierre Pilote (b. 1931) belongs to the Chicago Blackhawks’ hall of fame. Pilote won the Norris Trophy for best defenseman three consecutive times.

These players are some of the best sportsmen in Chicago Blackhawks history. Get cheap Chicago Blackhawks tickets today to watch these amazing players.

Bruins Playoff Schedule

Boston Bruins April Schedule

The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team that is located in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. They represent the Eastern Conference in the NHL and they come from the Atlantic division. The team traces its roots back in 1928 when it was formed. It is the oldest professional ice hockey team in United States of America, and it is the third oldest hockey team overall. Having played most of their home games at the Boston grounds for 67 seasons, the team boasts as one of the most successful teams in NHL history. They have won six Stanley Cup championships and are ranked second overall after the Detroit Red Wings who have won an all-time high of 11 championships. The Boston Bruins later moved their home games to TD stadium.

The month of April in the National Hockey League has proved to be quite disappointing for the Boston Bruins so far. To date, they have won only one match out of the four that they have played. This also poses a great challenge to the team, since they will face equally strong (or even stronger) opponents in their upcoming games. Considering they suffered a 4-3 loss in their previous game where they visited the Minnesota Wild, they will be out to grind out a win against the Jets at the Jets home ground. The Jets have not proven to be a tussle for the Boston Bruins this season.

April will definitely continue to be interesting in the NHL, as the Boston Bruins will be home against the Buffalo Sabres next weekend. In the Bruins’ previous matchups this month, they have not been favored to win. But their matchup against the Sabres should be different. The Bruins are likely to win this encounter because they will be at home, and because the Sabres have not proven to be a particularly good team so far this year. Discount Boston Bruins tickets will be provided for the fans to cheer their home team to victory.

For their encounter against the New Jersey Devils the following day, the Bruins are a slight favorite, but the game could go either way. Since the Bruins will be playing on the Devils’ home turf, they will have to fight hard to win. Despite a disappointing month so far, the Bruins are a great team in the NHL. If they stay focused, they should be able to win at least 4 of their upcoming 7 matches.

Who Do The Knicks Play

Upcoming Knicks Schedule

New York Knickerbockers, popularly known as the New York Knicks is one of the oldest teams in the history of NBA and the very first organized baseball team that played under the rules which are similar to those which we know today. The team was brought up by Nerd Irish in 1946 who is also one of the founding members of NBA. The team is located at Madison Square garden at Manhattan New York. They currently use the plain blue and plain white jerseys for their away and home matches respectively.

The New York Knicks are well known for their success over the years and it is very popular team among basketball fans and lovers. Their track record shows that they have made it no numerous play offs and finals in the NBA league. Though they have won a division title recently after waiting for 19 years under their head coach Mike Woodson, they were voted the most valuable team in the NBA season 2013-2014.

On Friday 11th at 7:00pm we are going to witness the Knicks taking on Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Center Toronto. Later on the following week, they will be playing Chicago Bulls at the Madison square garden, their home ground. These two teams will be a bit tricky for the Knicks considering their encounters in 2013-2014 seasons when the Knicks have witnessed a series of losses against these two teams in their past meetings, except one win against Chicago Bulls in September 2013.

To finalize the schedule for the Knicks, there will be a cracker of a match against the Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. Previous meetings against these two sides have proven that this will not be a one sided affair. This season, the Knicks have won two of their three encounters with Brooklyn Nets and they are playing really good recently. I am sure they will be out to grind out a win out of this match because it is one of their easiest in their April schedule, and most probably they will. Make sure to grab cheap New York Knicks tickets from local stores to catch live thrilling basketball matches. This is the opportunity which can’t be missed. We hope so that New York Knickbockers will be as good as they were during their early years when they were the greatest playoff contenders. Support them and help them to gain their former dominance and reputation.

Meet The Cardinals

Meet the St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the most successful and decorated of the Major League Baseball franchisees. Having won 11 World Series titles, they are second only to the New York Yankees. They have also won 19 National League pennants and 12 division titles. They are based in Missouri and have their home park at Busch Stadium. You can get cheap St Louis Cardinals tickets online.

With John Mozeliak as their general manager and Mike Matheny as their manager, the St. Louis Cardinals are destined to go the distance in the upcoming season. The St. Louis Cardinals have the likes of Matt Holliday, Adam Wainwright, and Yadier Molina in their ranks.

Matt Holliday has the distinction of hitting the longest home run of 498 in 2006. He is a six-time All-Star selection and a four-time Silver Slugger awardee; was the National League Player of September 2007; has one World Series championship title to his credit; and was the 2007 National League batting, runs batted in, and doubles champion. He also has various other records to his name. He is definitely a player to watch for.

Puerto Rican Yadier “Yadi” Molina is another player to watch for in this season. The St. Louis Cardinals catcher has been world champion two times and has earned five consecutive All-Star Games selections. He also has six Rawlings Gold Glove Awards, two National League Platinum Glove Awards, six Fielding Bible Awards, and one Silver Slugger Award. He is often referred to as having the most accurate and strongest arms in the game.

Adam Wainwright is a two-time World Series champion, a two-time All-Star selection, and a two-time winner of the Rawlings Gold Glove Award.

Other notable players to watch for are Jason Motte, the 2012 National League saves leader; Allen Craig, a 2013 All-Star selection; Jhonny Peralta, a 2011 and 2013 All-Star selection; Matt Carpenter, the 2013 MLB leader in doubles and hits; and Matt Adams. The complete list of the squad is as follows:

1. Adam Wainwright
2. Randy Choate
3. Pat Neshek
4. Keith Butler
5. Joe Kelly
6. Lance Lynn
7. Seth Maness
8. Carlos Martinez
9. Trevor Rosenthal
10. Shelby Miller
11. Kevin Siegrist
12. Michael Wacha

1. Yadier Molina
2. Tony Cruz

1. Matt Adams
2. Matt Carpenter
3. Allen Craig
4. Pete Kozma
5. Daniel Descalso
6. Jhonny Peralta
7. Kolten Wong

1. Matt Holliday
2. Jon Jay
3. Peter Bourjos
4. Shane Robinson